2 Cooking Methods To Minimize

There are two ways we commonly prepare food that cause the formation of cancer causing chemicals on our food.  There are also some very simple ways to detox your body quickly.

The two most toxic ways to prepare food are:

  1. Grilling or barbecuing
  2. Frying

According to the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, both of these methods of cooking produce toxic, cancer causing chemicals on our food.  View the NIH Fact Sheet with details here.

Aside from food preparation, we come in contact with hundreds of toxins all the time just by breathing and eating normally.  Here are some simple and quick detox strategies that are all natural and effective:

  1. Exposure to moderate sunlight
  2. Green organic vegetables, especially parsley (cleanses blood supply) and cilantro (binds with heavy metals)
  3. Gelatinous plant foods which help cleanse the intestinal tract, such as chia seeds, aloe vera, and seaweeds
  4. Vegetable juices – sometimes when our digestive system is beaten up and out of balance, we can more readily absorb nutrients from juices than from the whole foods